Knights join parish with honor guard at confirmation

On November 12th. The Knights of Columbus (Matthew Rock, Mike Hartman, Pat Francalancia, Bill Poska, Ted Polito, Stu Schreiner, Kevin Vasina, Ed Mally, Kaleb Archer, and Dan Murphy) participated in the confirmation mass for the new forty nine confirmandi. The students have been going to classes for months to prepare themselves for this prestigious sacrament. During the training of this sacrament the students pray for the gifts from the Holy Spirit. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are knowledge, understanding, wisdom, courage, right judgement, reverence, and wonder & awe. The very reverend Randy Dollins did take the opportunity to briefly quiz the young students during the mass. It was refreshing to see how knowledgeable the young students were under pressure. These types of occasions help us realize that our church does have many young people growing in our catholic religion and what a bright future our faith has. May God bless them all!

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