Grand Knight Report

Brother Knights and families in Christ.

I hope you all had a very good thanksgiving, I know I did !  Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. Family is the main focus of the occasion and what better reason to bring them all together is food. Everyone contributes at thanksgiving, some bring the pies, and some bring the side dishes.

The same is true with the Knights of Columbus everyone must contribute something. I am proud to say we have had many many hands in the making of our events and programs a success this year. Every event big or small takes a lot of planning. We have done a lot this year from our many Heaven's Helpers programs to our parish activities. Our pancake breakfasts help bring the parish together in friendly chat, creating a strong close knit parish that enjoys being together. All proceeds from our pancake breakfasts always go to a needy cause from hurricane victims to sister Molly's food program.

 Outside of our many fund raisers we Knights of Columbus somehow always find time to get together and have fun ! I would like to take a moment to thank all of the individuals that helped make our programs a success this year. I am very proud of our council, one of the reasons we are so successful is we enjoy being together. If I took the time and ink to name all of the people involved in our programs you would cry for relief at the end ! You know who you are ! We are a very active council and what's amazing is it's not work. When people see our awards on the wall they say wow you guys really work hard here ! But it's truly not like that. I quickly reply NO that's how much we have fun together on the wall ! Whether we are moving furniture for father woody's new facility, or standing in front of King Soopers asking for donations for the intellectually handicapped. We always chat and exchange jokes and friendly conversation as we do whatever we do as proud Knights of Columbus.

My brother Knights, keep doing what you are doing for the community, if it's street road clean up or giving blood for bonfils blood center at our parish. Our feet may get tired but our heart grows stronger knowing we are doing something good. You are my un spoken hero's. Thanks for all you did, you do, and will do, this next year,  you are great ! Never stop serving Jesus Christ in this world we live in. Please call me if you need additional information on any one of our programs or activities this next month and would like to be involved!

Vivat Jesus

Grand Knight Matthew Rock



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